Your Tour Leaders

Jivat Mukhi was raised in Pune, Maharashtra, India, educated by the Jesuits and started speaking English at age six. He is the perfect tour leader—equally skilled in Hindi and English, he can speak to and understand all the people you will encounter on this trip. He has traveled throughout India and is a practicing Hindu. He has honed his skills at bargaining with vendors and can provide insight into the people, religions, politics, food and history of India. You will appreciate his kindness, patience, and consideration of others.

Shanti Emerson is deeply passionate about India and considers the subcontinent her second home. She has been to India many times.. She holds a Masters of Education degree and was formerly a language arts and creative writing teacher at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. A Christian, she has studied and practiced yoga and meditation for years and has visited many Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim and Jain sites. She loves Indian food, Indian clothes, and Indian adventures. You will appreciate her fearlessness and curiosity.


"I went on last years India Trip with Shanti and Jivat.  We had a wonderful time and saw sights that will live forever in our memories. Do not miss tis opportunity."

Carol, San Francisco

"Our trip to India was something we will never forget. The Ganesha in our entry will never let us forget the sights, the people, the lovely things to buy.    Shanti and Jivat were excellent tour directors.  We really enjoyed all the guides and learned so much about India."

Margaret, Nevada City, CA

"Our visit to India could not have been more exciting than with Shanti and Jivat! We made new friends, enjoyed the most exotic, wonderful food and traveled to places we had only dreamed of. Every possible consideration was given and we were able to see more shrines and temples in every city we visited. We could feel the ancient and spiritual quality which pervades all of her scent of spice and flowers, her people of vibrant color and sound as well as the current and flow of life. AN UNFORGETTABLE JOURNEY!"

Larry and Electra, Jerome, AZ

"Visiting India with Shanti and Jivat was a blast! Margaret and I are always up to adventure, and taking on a new continent without help seemed daunting, so touring the cultural and spiritual icons of India with Shanti and Jivat was perfect! Too many highlights, a great mix of sights, but special ones included the Golden Temple in Amritsar, the Ganges at Varanasi, the hugely impressive Kumbh Mela. The local tour guides knew their stuff, the transitions from place-to-place went fairly smoothly (after all, this is India!) and were well-paced, and our hosts helped us throughout to better understand the culture.

"A personal perspective of our trip is found at when we started, with links to the days ahead.  

"The next time we go to India it will be with Jivat and Shanti; we had a great time and fulfilling adventure!"

Bill, Nevada City, CA

"Susan and I want to thank you for putting together the wonderful travel package to India, Bhutan and Nepal. We had a wonderful time in these countries, getting the experience we wanted of really seeing the places and even more meeting the people. Our trip turned out to be what we wanted, we were 'visitors not just tourists'. We realize the amount of effort involved in the planning and then all the effort to make changes during our trip. Each of the local guides were excellent and all the transportation details (buses, trains and airplanes) worked well. We shared our experiences with our friends and family on our travel blog which has even more details about our experiences."

Susan and Frank, Pasadena, CA

"Traveling through India with Shanti and Jivat was superb. They made wonderful guides and revealed the bounty and mystique of a country that is still as exciting and rich as it is vast. Thank you for an amazing journey."

Charlotte, Houston, TX

"I cannot thank you enough for sharing your vision and love for India with us on the tour. You both did everything in your power to make the trip good for us, and I thank you deeply for that!!! India holds such great beauty and such promise. It also challenges us - who have so much, relatively - to figure out how we can make a difference in the lives there."

Deborah, Houston, TX

"We had a wonderful time on the trip to India.  We had a variety of new experiences, saw exciting places , had a lot of interaction with the local people.  It was definitely one of our favorite trips- and we have traveled extensively.  We had a small group of very congenial people- and Shanti and Jivat are absolutely the best travel companions.  They are warm, caring and considerate people.  I highly recommend traveling with them, and we are considering doing it again!"

Jean & John, Grass Valley, CA

"Shanti & Jivat provided a very comprehensive tour of North India, plus a serendipitous three days in Nepal. Since we were a small group, we enjoyed the advantages of traveling privately, with the convenience of a tour.  We had some outstanding local guides, and our hotel accommodations were excellent, with several luxurious. Shanti & Jivat were caring leaders, and created a congenial group."

Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA