Indian Visa

Tourist visas are required for entry into India.  Now the Indian govt. offers visas on arrival, which is a great boon for visitors. Here is the link to start your application.                                                         

You will be applying for a 6 month single entry VISA, so don't apply before November, 2016.  Your passport must be good for 6 months after your entry date.

This new process will save you time and money.


The rupee is the unit of Indian currency. The current exchange rate is 68 rupees to the dollar. This will change slightly throughout the year. Major credit cards are accepted in hotels, most restaurants, and government stores. There are ATMs located at airports and in major cities. If you set up an account with an international bank such as Citi, you will not have to pay ATM fees. Current exchange rates can be found online and are updated daily. If you prefer to arrive with Indian currency, your bank will get you rupees with a few days notice.


India is a wonderful place to find exquisite items at bargain prices. You pay pennies on the American dollar for exotic silks, jewelry, rugs, weavings, clothing, accessories etc, etc. Bargaining with the vendors can be challenging and fun.


Be sure to visit your doctor a couple of months before departure to receive the proper vaccinations and boosters. Bring Lomotil with your regular prescriptions. People from all over the world make India their destination for such procedures as hip and shoulder replacements, plastic surgery. Indian doctors are highly trained and use the latest technology. Should a traveler get ill, he/she will receive the best medical attention.


India is a photographer’s Garden of Eden. The brilliant colorful silk saris, the interesting face, the marketplaces, monkeys and elephants, and the exquisite castles and temples make stunning photos for even the most modest cameraman.


One of the most wonderful facets of visiting India is the delicious cuisine. You will have delightful savory food that you've never had in American restaurants. The naan, chapatis, dosas, chicken tikka, saag, pekoras have never tasted better. Yummmmmmmmmmmmy!

Anna near India Gate, Delhi

Voted best hotel in the world by Conde Nast, Oberei, Udaipur, Rajasthan.

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